There are times in our lives when traumatic things happen that cause injuries, damage, toxins and blockages in our body.  Our bodies are remarkably creative in dealing with physical and emotional trauma.  Trauma can be unforeseen, as in a bike accident, the death of a loved one, or simply spilling hot tea on yourself.  It can also come through positive choices such as a life-saving medical procedure, childbirth, or relocation for a better job.  Core Synchronism helps your body correct internally and structurally from the inside out.
    Often, our body repositions bones, organs, energy currents, and mental patterns to minimize pain when the trauma occurs. However, if left uncorrected, these imbalances can lead to greater pain and more severe symptoms or disease.
    With Core, we start to unwind the problems that time and injuries have created by setting the body back to where it was when it was healthy.
   Core Synchronism realigns the natural movements within the physical and energetic body, addressing the presenting symptom and its underlying cause.  Circulatory and energetic pathways are re-opened, allowing for a profound state of relaxation – the vital environment in which healing occurs.  The body integrates these corrections for hours and even days after the Core treatment, so healing continues long after the treatment is finished.


    Core treats the entire body in both adults, children & Infants, such as (but not limited to):

*Keeping Mommy and Baby Happy and Healthy
*Turning Baby and Assisting to Birth Canal
*Easing Delivery

Chronic pain or organ dysfunction
   * Migraines
   * Neck pain 
   * Backaches
   * Sciatica
   * Arthritis
   * Menstrual disorders    
   * Asthma
   * Indigestion 
   * Plantar-fascitis
   * Scoliosis and other skeletal misalignments

Neurological / Auto-immune conditions
   * Neuralgia
   * Seizures
   * Fibromyalgia

Mental-emotional imbalances
   * Depression
   * Nervousness/Hyperactivity
   * Insomnia
   * Attention deficit disorders
   * Uncenteredness

Even snoring!

    During a core treatment the client lies down comfortably, and remains clothed.  They will simply feel the practitioner placing both hands on their body, and some pressure once in a while.  Corrections are made by a combination of the practitioner’s intent and the client’s cranial fluid which is produced in the brain and contained in the dural tube, this will help float structures back into place.  The sensations are deeply relaxing.

    People of all ages, including infants, women during pregnancy, and the elderly wanting to enjoy their latter years to the fullest.  Core does not interfere with any medical treatment, but rather enhances all other healing modalities.
For More Information or to make an appointment call:  Tina L West
Tranquil Hands Core Therapy